Account Hibernation for Seasonal Businesses

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If you operate a seasonal business and only accept bookings for part of the year, you may be interested in hibernating your Checkfront account.

This allows you to keep your account open, without having to pay a monthly subscription during your down time. Hibernated accounts cannot process bookings, but do allow you limited access the administrative console in preparation for next season. You also will not be able to use the booking portal embedded into your website. It will show as unavailable to your visitors while hibernating.

If you decide you’d like to unhibernate your Checkfront account, before the date you specified during the original hibernation request, please email us at

Hibernated accounts having the following limitations:

• Limited support.
• Cannot accept new bookings/process payments.
• Reduced backup schedule (daily vs hourly).
• Some plug-ins may be inoperable.
• No annual discount.
• Not available to trial accounts.


Hibernating Your Account

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To begin hibernating your account, login to your Checkfront dashboard.

Steps to Hibernate Your Account

1. Click on your Account menu from the main navigation bar.
2. Choose Billing from the drop-down menu.
3. Select Pause Account from the sidebar on the left.


After following the steps above, you will now be presented with the account hibernation screen. There are just a couple more steps to take before your account hibernation is complete.

4. Choose your reactivation date, no more than 6 months in the future.
5. Provide a few comments on how your season went with any suggestions on how to improve our tools.
6. Check the box labeled I wish to hibernate this account now. Your account cannot be hibernated until this confirmation is provided.
7. Click Finish to complete the process.


Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding account hibernation.

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