Introducing Checkfront + Vantiv Online Payments

Starting today, Checkfront customers can use Vantiv to accept faster, smarter, and easier online payments.

Vantiv is the US’s largest debit and credit card processor. They provide enterprise-class online payment processing services designed for merchants of all sizes.

Accept secure online payments with Checkfront and Vantiv

By choosing Vantiv as your payment processor, your customers can securely pay for their bookings online with their credit card of choice. All payment details are entered and stored on Vantiv’s servers to reduce the amount of risk you take on as a merchant.

Plus, with Vantiv’s virtual terminal, you can accept payments online, or in person, without the need of hardware. Credit card information can be keyed into the computer and automatically transmitted online.

Other Vantiv features include integrated checkout, secure payments, tokenization (secure card storage) and re-billing. They also offer 24/7 customer support and multi-currency between the US and Canada.

Vantiv offers fixed rate pricing of 2.65% + $0.30. Getting started is easy and customers can often be up and running the same day!

To activate Vantiv through Checkfront, go to your eCommerce settings in your Booking Manager. Connect to Vantiv through their online application. Then once you’ve been approved receive your account credentials, return to add in your merchant ID and password.

Here’s how to activate your Vantiv integration.

Start your free 21-day trial today!

No credit card required. Amazing support. Flexible pricing.

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