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Take Booking Payments With Stripe

Increase your cash flow and get paid ahead of time for your bookings with Checkfront and Stripe.

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Speed up check-in

With Stripe as your payment gateway, guests will arrive check-in ready by paying in full at the time of booking online. No need to chase down payments!

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Reduce cancellations

Secure revenue from no-shows by getting paid in advance. Guests are also more likely to show up or give more notice when they pay online.

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Send receipts instantly

Guests will never wonder if their credit card went through. Checkfront automatically sends a booking receipt for every Stripe transaction.

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Track your revenue

Keep your bookings and payments together. All Stripe transactions will automatically sync to guest details in Checkfront for accurate reporting.

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Convenience for your Business

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Stripe Terminal

Accept contactless payments for walk-in bookings and in-person transactions while automating your end of day processes. With Stripe Terminal Card Reader, your POS payments will flow smoothly into your financial reports.

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Rebilling Storage

Refund a cancellation, charge new transactions, or settle up the remaining balance without asking for a credit card again. Stripe will securely store a guest’s sensitive payment information for future use.

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Chargeback protection

Stripe Chargeback Protection defends your business from the unpredictability of disputes. Stripe will cover the amount and waive any fees without submission evidence, costing only 0.4% per transaction.

Activate Stripe in your Checkfront Account

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Current Stripe Customers

Enable the Stripe extension in your Checkfront account by following these steps for Stripe setup.

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New to Stripe?

You can create a Stripe account from within Checkfront. Just follow these steps for Stripe setup.

Not a Checkfront Customer yet?

Make online booking a breeze for your guests.

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