Checkfront Infrastructure Upgrade

We are happy to announce that as of January 1, 2016, we’ve transitioned all of our customers to a new hosting provider on the Google Cloud network.

Although initially planned for the second quarter of the year, we expedited this migration due to a denial of service attack that started at our upstream provider after Christmas. We were able to transition the majority of our network shortly after that, and due to those efforts many of our customers experienced little to no impact in service.

We know how absolutely critical uptime and availability of your Checkfront account is to your business. Moving to Google Cloud we believe is a great step forward in ensuring the continued performance and availability of your Checkfront account. Investing in this infrastructure expansion will allow us continue to scale our service along with our growing customer base.

Giant server room in warehouse
Google Cloud Server Room (us-central1/, Bluffs, Iowa. via

As with our previous infrastructure, we operate on a distributed, decentralized global network to ensure optimal performance and minimize service interruption. Our data centres include 4 separate geographic locations in the United States, as well as multiple servers in the UK and Asia.

No action is required on your part. We began the migration on December 27th, and completed as of January 1st. If, however, you happen to be referencing your Checkfront account by IP address (not recommended), please see our list of our regional servers and IP addresses.

For a list of events leading up to this transition, please see the forum thread.

For our current global network status at

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