Important Changes to E-mail Delivery

Soon we’ll be making some changes to how our email notifications are delivered. Currently all of our email is handled by Mandrill, a product of Mailchimp. Unfortunately Mandrill is being shut down this month. As a result, we need to make some modifications to ensure maximum deliverability of your booking receipts, scheduled reminders and payment confirmation emails.

What’s changing?

To date we’ve always recommended SPF validation on your domain. This lets email systems know we are “approved” to send email on your behalf. This will now be mandatory, as all high availability mail systems are now requiring it including our new provider.

As a backup, for those who can’t set up SPF validation, your from address will be The Reply To address will be your address, and replies from customers will continue to route to your normal email.

If your company email is, @yahoo or other public mail systems, you unfortunately won’t be able to setup an SPF record. You should consider using the same domain name as your website, or one you own if you want complete control over the From address.

What do I need to do?

Short answer – nothing. E-mails will continue to flow and customers will reply directly to you. However if you would prefer your company email address be in the From, instead of the Reply-to, you’ll have to set up SPF and enable that in Checkfront.

SPF Records and Email Changes

Here’s an illustration of the differences:

How Do I Create an SPF Record?

Please reference our Email & Spam Control document which outlines the specific steps to create an SPF record.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact Checkfront support.

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