How to Ask Your Customers for Feedback

More and more people are turning to travel review websites when trip planning. Which makes sense. If I’m planning the perfect vacation somewhere that I’ve never been I want to hear real experiences from other travelers instead of just trusting the company blindly.

This is a concept known as social proof and it can have a big impact on your business. These days the success of your brand is defined by the people who experience and share it.

This means that the quality, and quantity, of your rankings, can be the difference between travelers choosing your business or turning to one of your competitors.

Sending automated follow-up emails is the easiest and most effective way to continually get online reviews from your guests and earn trust.

To set up a follow-up email in Checkfront

  1. Go to the Manage Tab in your Booking Manager and select Notifications
  2. Then Add new notification
  3. Now it’s time to type in your subject line.   This is a great opportunity for you to personalize the email. Something like Thank your, First Name. You can find personalization tokens for your messages on the left sidebar under email variables. Find the one you are looking for and copy and paste it into your subject line and message
  4. Choose paid booking status
  5. Now you can schedule when the message will be delivered. We recommend you send the message 1-3 days after a guests visit.
  6. Check Customer for the recipient
  7. Select which inventory items you would like to apply the follow-up email to
  8. Finally, type in your message—   Don’t forget to add the personalization and links to your profiles to make it as easy as possible for guests to add a review! It’s also important that you ask for general feedback before asking for a review. You can’t assume that everyone was happy with their experience.
  9. Preview your message to be sure everything looks right
  10. Press Create and you’re done!

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