How Checkfront Helped Wildplay Element Parks Expand Internationally (Video)

by Shannon Roche

Wildplay Element Parks for Checkfront


My name’s Nathan Cooney, I am the Director of Operations for Wildplay Element Parks and what brought me to Wildplay was the outdoor experience of it, I wanted to get out from under the fluorescent lights and do something and I really like the guest experience part of what we do.

So Wildplay has four locations in British Columbia, we have a franchise operation in Niagara Falls, and we’ve just opened up our newest adventure park in Upstate New York. The new park in Upstate New York is all built on big, huge old oak trees, super impressive environment to be in. And that one is exciting just cause it gets us across the border, it’s our first move into the United States.

Life before Checkfront had it’s challenges. We had configurability issues where the system just wasn’t able to adapt to what we wanted it to do, and then down time was a major one for us. Anytime the system went down, basically the business grinds to a halt, right, so that was a major problem and with Checkfront we don’t see that problem, which is great.

Some of the best features we see out of Checkfront are, the waiver integration. We’ve got online digital waivers now that are tied directly into the booking system and all that data available to us, the configurability of the system, and the inventory management side of our elements. So we can very easily add capacity or hold back capacity, depending on what’s going on at the park. That’s a huge advantage to us that has helped in all kinds of ways.

Checkfront has really helped with our growth across Canada and into the United States, because of the configurability of the system, the fact that we’ve been able to do things with different taxes across the provinces, there’s different taxes in the States as well, that we’ve need to work around, and Checkfront’s been up for any of those little minor changes we need to make to make it work from location to location.

It’s also saved our company overall in the way that we handle our online bookings. Our guest experience through the online process is quite simple and streamlined, too. I’d recommend Checkfront to someone else in this industry or a related industry because of the ability to configure it to your needs, so depending on what you’re offering and how you want your booking process to go, Checkfront’s been really great at adapting to what we need it to do.