Homegrown Trailers for Environmentally Conscious Travelling

by Mariah MacWilliam

Homegrown Trailers is dedicated to minimizing the environmental impact of the service they provide, which has recently become more accessible through their new rental program. Each of their trailers is hand crafted with class and style at the forefront of their design, using exclusively renewable materials.

Queen bed, couch, composting toilet

With consumer interests shifting in an Earth conscious direction, sustainability is getting a lot of attention. Operations Manager Jessica Trouillaud explains that, “Our trailers are 100% solar powered, have composting toilets, and [they] comfortably sleep four adults.” Sustainable tourism has been a buzzword a few decades now, but Homegrown is a great example of a company that has materialized their aspirations of going green, “we want to connect you to nature and adventure in a convenient, comfortable, and classy way,” says Trouillaud.

“As a social purpose corporation, we make sure that there is a value to our customers, community, and environment in everything we do.”

Trouillaud’s advice for people wanting to cultivate an environmentally conscious business is, “Always think about your customer, community and environment first and then build your product and services around that!” The customer experience is definitely a key to building a successful enterprise. Trouillaud praises Checkfront for facilitating a smooth booking process for Homegrown Trailers’ customers when she says, “Checkfront allows our customers to easily rent our trailers online immediately at anytime from anywhere!…My favourite feature is the seamless integration on our site.” We love hearing about how Checkfront contributes to a company’s success and ease of operations.

Homegrown Trailers is authentic initiative that is encouraging ethical behaviour, and they have engineered a product that will appeal to modern consumers. To learn more about Homegrown Trailers, or to take one for a spin on your next trip into the wilderness… Visit their website!