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Gift Certificates for Site Builder

If you’ve been using Site Builder these last few months, you’ve been reaping some serious benefits.

Like, how you can create a stunning website with a few clicks. Seriously, there’s no coding required. You just pick a theme and import your inventory from your booking manager.

An increase in your web visitors and online bookings, since each theme is designed to do just that.

And how easy it is to make changes to your inventory since it’s connected to your booking manager.

But something was missing.

You couldn’t sell your Checkfront Gift Certificates on your new website. Well, you’ve asked, and we listened.

Site Builder now supports Gift Certificates!

Here’s how to set up Gift Certificates in Site Builder

First, you’ll need to update your theme. Discover, Getaway, Expedition, and Vast all support Gift Certificates. If you use Nimble or Dash, they’re coming soon.

  1. Open the Site Builder editor. If Gift Certificates is available for your theme, you’ll see a small green got beside the design tab.
  2. Click the cog on the top right of the tab
  3. Update your theme to the latest version

Now you should see Gift Certificates along with your regular items on your site’s inventory pages.

Next, you’ll want to design your pages. The Item Builder in your Booking Manager controls everything on your Gift Certificates page. Watch this 2-minute check-up if you need a refresher on how to create Gift Certificates.  

  1. Update your thumbnail. This will become the featured image on the top and bottom of the item page. We recommend you use an image at least 1080 x 1024.
  2. Choose a Gift Certificates theme. You can use one of our default images, or upload your own.
  3. Set the expiration date for the Gift Certificate.

Here you can see how these changes look on your pages.

You can also add custom blocks, like featured items and social feeds, like any other Site Builder page.

Finally, preview how your page will look on any device and save. That’s it!

Don’t forget, since Gift Certificates are now their own category, you can add them to your navigation. And if you’d like to promote your Gift Certificates, even more, you can add them to your featured items list.

So are you ready to get started? Login to your Site Builder to update your theme. 

Or, if you’r new to Checkfront— sign up for a free trial to try Site Builder today!

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