Problem with total rates

yes, work :)
I don't know the problem probably had to pass the time


  • The total is always wrong, here an example:

    Item Rate Amount Total (EUR): €120.00
    mansarda Fri Apr 23 - Mon Apr 26, 2010 semi-alta: €50.00 x 3 Nights
    Qty: 1, Adults: 1 €120.00

    50x3=120 ?

    whats wrong?


  • I had same issue try checking you dont have any overlapping periods


  • tnx, is strange... I'm sure I dont have any overlapping periods,

    I have "semi-alta" (22 April - 22 June)

    "alta" (23 June - 22 August)...

    type: special
    inventory status: available
    price: new price
    recurrence: never

    help me :) tnx

  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    Hi Fulvio,

    We had a look at your rates and they appear to add up. Perhaps you have found the problem?
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