Settig up events and pricing for a holiday cottage ?.


I'm trying to set checkpoint up to manage the bookings for a single holiday cottage. We accept week long bookings (sat to sat), mid week bookings (mon to fri) and weekend bookings (fri to mon). The prices for these bookings vary depending upon the time of year. I'm really struggling to see how I configure the events for these bookings types. The checkpoint system looks really promising but I'm really struggling to get it working. I'm integrating it with Joomla and I've done this part OK. Any help would be appreciated please before my 14 day trial expires. 



  • Hi @alexsunny123,

    It's great to hear that you're finding Checkfront to be a promising solution for you.

    To offer all of these different lengths and start date requirements, you'd need to configure each possible length as its own item. That way, you can apply an appropriate fixed length as well as force a start day of the week respective to whether the item is named 'week', 'midweek', or 'weekend.

    Additionally, you'd want to alias the 'midweek' and 'weekend' item to the 'week' item so that they all share the same availability and you don't get overbookings.

    1. Head to Inventory > Rules and create a new ruleset for each start day possibility. One for, 'Saturday start', another for 'Monday start' and one for 'Friday start'.
    2. Create an item called 'Week'.
    2. Head to the Attributes and change the allocation to nightly and add a 'fixed length' of '7'.
    3. In Pricing, create a new item event > seasonal without an end date and call it 'weekly', attaching the 'Saturday start' rule.
    *Seasonal events are for enforcing rules whereas special events are for pricing conditional to rules.
    4. Repeat steps 2-3 for the other two items with the corresponding rules/fixed lengths.
    5. In the midweek and weekend item, head to Attributes and alias to the 'week' item.

    Lastly, you can set up your different price points throughout the year using special item events.

    I hope this helps to point you in the right direction and you're welcome to get in touch with us at for further assistance.

    Warm regards,

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