Experience - Option to Purchase Timeslot or an 'Open Certificate' on same product

I'm doing some work for an experience-based company.
Checkfront is currently set up so that each experience is displayed and can be booked by the user for an available timeslot. On another page, the user can book a gift certificate for the experience.

I wondered if it was possible to have a packaged item which allowed the customer to either book an 'open certificate' for the experience to allow them to give as a gift to book at a later date, or to choose a specific time slot?

It is currently quite clunky to have two separate items for the same experience.



  • Hi @chriswiseman,

    Thank you for using our Forums. I'd be happy to answer your question!

    At this time there isn't any feature that will allow us to streamline the process of booking an experience without a date and the current best workaround for this is to continue utilizing Gift Certificates. With that said I can certainly understand how having these as separate listed Items can be somewhat cumbersome for the customer creating a booking similar to this.

    I've done some digging and have located an ongoing Feature-Request that is aiming to implement this functionality into Checkfront and have attached your information and use case to the list of requesters. While I don't have any ETA for when or if this will be implemented into Checkfront I would be happy to provide you with any further information as I receive it.

    In the meantime, if you have any other questions please don't hesitate to reach back out to us at support@checkfront.com and we would be happy to help!

    Kind regards,

    Technical Support Specialist
    Checkfront | www.checkfront.com/contact | Email: support@checkfront.com
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