Aliased Inventory three rooms but only two bookable at once


Ok I've got a bit of a tricky issue to solve here and I wondered if anyone had any ideas? 

I'm modifying a Checkfront installation for a client who currently has a time slot based setup with two rooms, but only one room can be booked for any one time slot. so it's set up with the two rooms being aliased to a parent inventory item with a inventory of 1. 

This works great because booking any of the two rooms books out that time slot for both rooms. 

The problem is the client has just opened a third room and needs Checkfront to only allow 2 of the 3 rooms to be able to be booked for any a time slot at any one time.   My first thought was no problem lets just increase the inventory to 2 on the parent inventory item.  The issue with that is that it now lets you book the same room twice for the same time slot.  Which would be very bad! 

This doesn't feel like a particularly complicated use case so I'm guessing there must be an easy way of doing this, I'm just missing what it is.   Anyone know how I can make this work? 


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    Hi @michaeleast,

    Thanks for your question!

    Instead of aliasing, you could create an item called 'Room Limit' and set this base inventory to '2'. You'll also need to ensure this item has all possible timeslots for each of the rooms configured and set the visibility to 'in packages only' - all settings done in the attributes tab. 

    Next, set each room item to a base inventory of '1' and package the 'Room Limit' item to each of them. You'll want to set the 'opt-in' setting to required-hidden.

    Then when booking, if Room 1 is booked, for example, from 12 pm-2 pm, the 'Room Limit' is also reduced to '1' for that same time now only allowing one more booking for that time alongside still having two more room options.

    I hope this helps! We'd be happy to assist further perhaps with a custom tutorial at if needed.

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  • got it. Thanks for the good advice! I appreciate it.
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