payment plans for a booking

Is there a way i offer my customer when they make a booking that they can have the option to do a payment plan ( pay instalment) ?


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    Hi @anandsueman,

    Thank you for your question!

    Currently, payment plans beyond a single deposit and remaining balance structure would require manual work between you and your customers. You'd need to reach out to them or have them reach out to you on their payment dates and you can take the payment through the staff side of Checkfront.

    Alternatively, I believe that some payment providers support payment/subscription plans such as Stripe or Square but again, this would require manual reconciling between the payment provider and Checkfront.

    With that said, I can see why having a payment plan feature would be helpful and I've added your name to our existing feature request.

    If you have any particular integrations in mind that could support payment plans, please let me know and I can pass along that information to our Product team.

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  • @anandsueman :

    Here is just a rough idea:

    you create a "Payment Plan" item, in which you package as many "Payment 1", "Payment 2", etc items as you want your payment plan to offer.
    When adding these "Payment X" items in the package you set the options as
    - required-hidden, with custom dates of xxx days before (or after) parent item…
    For instance, "Payment 1" is 10 days before Parent starting date, "Payment 2" is 5 days after parent ending date, etc etc

    Then you create Notifications, one for each "Payment X" items (use the "apply to" option in the notification setup).

    This way, you (Staff and/or Customer) get a reminder of the upcoming payment.

    still far from ideal, as it's not a built-in feature, and it only actually sends automatic reminders, not actual payment links… but that could be a start/workaround (until it becomes an actual feature).
    Also, FYI, I haven't properly tested it.

    I hope that helps a little .

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