Checkfront/Square Payment Integration

I'm not sure if this would be on the Square side, or the Checkfront side, so I am reaching out to both.  
Basically, we are trying to find a better way to use gift certificates.  We absolutely love the Checkfront gift certificates, however we cannot efficiently process them for items outside of Checkfront (we sell merchandise through Square, which we use as our payment processor).  We still want to use these, however we would like to use Square ones as well.  The only hold up with them, is that when we go through the Checkfront App, there is no option to process a Square gift card, which is silly, as it is the main payment processing system.  Because we are going through the Checkfront App, we have to 'record' the payment as a gift card.  


  • Hi Melissa,

    Thank you for your feedback!

    This does sound very interesting and I'd be happy to follow up with you on this with our technical analyst team. Are you able to email us at

    At the moment, it does sound like the missing feature is on the Square application once Checkfront has redirected you when making payments from the mobile app. I'm not sure how much control we have over that end but I'd love to loop in our technical analyst and provide you information within a support email.

    Thank you so much for writing a post here! We appreciate your thoughts and feedback regarding the Square integration.

    Kind regards,
    Technical Support Team Lead
  • Hi Aaron, 

    I can definitely do that!  

    Have a great day,

    Melissa Pockett
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