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There was recently a change to the batch printing from the booking Index page. Previously, I would click the selection box, click the batch button, and could batch print staff invoices. Currently, I click the selection box, a batch button no longer appears, however, there a printer icon appears. Upon clicking the printer icon, you can batch print, but they are customer invoices, not staff invoices. I would like to have the ability to batch print staff invoices. What is the point of having staff-only information when you now have to print each invoice separately?


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    Hi @jnorton3900

    Thanks for reaching out to our forums and providing this feedback!

    While we can currently only bulk-print customer invoices from the Booking Index, I certainly understand how this would be helpful and I have brought this forward for our Product Team to review. While we don't yet have a timeline for when or if this will be implemented, we will be in touch in this thread as soon as there are any updates!

    Thank you again for providing this feedback as it helps us improve the system for all users.


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  • I can't imagine we are the only rental business that runs into this. The sad part is when the free trial we could batch print staff invoices. Now that we are up and running we can't. 
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