Grouped Pricing min/max not displayed on Item rated response

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How can I get the exact min and max for item with grouped pricing.


  • Hi raymon_wend,

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    When making a rated query to the /item endpoint, the min and max thresholds for any group pricing are shown in the response. There are two locations this is displayed, and here is an example:
    "item": {  
       "gprice": {
    "adults": {
    "1-2": "g",
    "3-4": "q"
    "item": {
    "event": [
    "adults": {
    "amount": 234,
    "days": 1,
    "type": "g",
    "range": "3-4"
    "adults~1-2": {
    "amount": 212,
    "type": "g"
    "adults~3-4": {
    "amount": 234,
    "type": "q"

    The 'g' and 'q' values indicate how the group is priced:
    g = per group
    q = per quantity

    I hope this helps! If you have any more questions about a specific response you are seeing, please email us at so that we can better assist!

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  • Hi Chase,

    Thank you for your request, this really helps.

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