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Hello question here. We have a ton of pre sales inquiries, people inquire, then we answer, then they book after.

Does anyone know??? 
Can we create an inquiry form for a booking that inputs the info into the system? Or shares it? I use FORMIDABLE for Wordpress.  I currently have to retype all the data from the forms into the booking system, to even note a client was interested in the date. Or is there something I can add onto checkfront that handles the pre-sales side?  Thank you!!! 


  • just a lead:
    you may want to create a "Pre-sale" status  (go to the menu Manage / Layout / Statues)
    with the option "Locked" disabled.

    This way, you'll have a booking in the system, with its own status name and colour, but without actually blocking any of your ressources.

    I hope this helps.
  • Dedric, 

    Thank you so much!! 
    Yes, I already have that actually, but I don't understand how to integrate it into the site as a form ,do you know? 

     Peek Pro has an inquiry form that looks like a reservation form and then you submit, the data goes into the booking system. It does the work, instead of retyping everything over and over and then trying to track the sales process thru outlook. Many people do not want to book without asking questions etc. I would think this would be a no brainer. 
  • ok, I think I understand what you mean. I actually had the same issue, as we had a form to take customers' request.
    Then I would have to manually copy/paste all data into Checkfront.
    Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to import data into CheckFront…

    I'm afraid I don't know how to help you on this one.

    Good luck.
  • Hi, @SocialSirens,

    Thanks for your question!

    While we don't have an official feature to support pre-sale forms, you could potentially use a simple item called 'Inquire' with e-commerce turned off and perhaps a custom booking form field to allow for questions to be entered.

    Then, if they decide to book something you can add their item and dates of choice to the existing booking via the 'booking edit'.

    I hope this idea will point you in the right direction and please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at if you'd like some further assistance with this.

    Kind regards,

    Technical Support Specialist
    Checkfront | | Email:
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