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On the booking form, I have to different the form as each category has different cancellations. I don't see a way to do this in any reasonable or easy way. The cancelation info is a mile long. Se we are forced to email it to ourselves, modify it and email it on the the client. They make the payment with the wrong wrong cancelation info. Then we have to send it to ourselves after payment. modify it again and forward. Anyone have a better solution? 


  • I'm not sure if I totally understand your needs, but I would suggest using custom fields "HTML Output", with the option "item specific" activated (in the advanced tab).
    Create 1 field per cancellation type you have, and allocate it for each of the related items.

    This way, it will be displayed on the booking form, before paying, and also on the invoice (if you choose so).

    I hope this helps.
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    I know how to get it to display;. on the original it displays below all the accounting and info on the invoice. 
    When added as a field. It adds in the middle where the accounting is and moves those fields down to the second page. It looks terrible and is confusing for my clients. I want to figure out how to keep it displayed below the fields where the balance due and all that is. 
  • A picture of the issue would help understand
  • Yes. Picture would make things much more clear for us 
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