Check-in/-out on Booking index report

It would help tremendously if the check-in/-out status could be visible (as a column?) on the booking index report.



  • Hi @dedric

    I think this is a great feature to add to the booking index!

    We actually just made the request to add this a few weeks ago, so it is still a fairly new request. 

    The request is to add an optional column to the Booking Index similar to the Check-In and Check-Out functionality of the Daily Manifest or the Dashboard. 

    I will gladly add you to this request list to add a column to the Booking Index. 

    If you have any further notes or comments on how you would like this seen or how you would like to use it with your business, please reply here or send us an email with more specifics. 

    All the best, 


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    Thanks Ethan,

    but I don't want a feature request that will remain a feature request with a bunch of names and a thread on a forum for many years,
    I'd like an ACTUAL FEATURE! Now. To make your customers happy by providing them with a better tool to run their business more efficiently.


  • I guess you can like the feature request with this one:

    (there might be other threads on the forum asking for the same functionality, just don't have the time to research it)

  • Hi Dedric,

    Thanks for your patience!

    I am glad to let you know that a 'Check In / Out' column has now been added as an option for the Booking Index report. This column will let you quickly see that current status of your bookings, and will also allow you to quickly check the booking in/out, right from the report.

    Please let us know if you have any questions about this feature!

    All the best,

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  • Hi,

    thanks for the update.
    it's nice to see you've heard your customers.

    It's only missing the possibility to filter (or at least order correctly) to get bookings that are "not checked-in yet",  and/or bookings that are "checked-in" and/or bookings that are "checked-out".
    right now, when sorting the column, bookings are not ordered correctly.

  • Hi @Dedric,

    Thank you for following up! 

    Great catch! I can certainly see why it would help to be able to filter the check-in/out status of bookings in the Booking Index so I have gone ahead and submitted this idea as a feature improvement request for our Product team.

    While I don't have a timeline on if or when this improvement could be made, in the meantime, you may want to consider sorting in Excel or Google Sheets. Although, I understand the efficiency that an in-app functionality would have instead.

    Please let us know if you have any additional insight to add.

    Take care,
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