I love the way the discounts option is already presented, but one thing that would make it better, is to further limit or specify what the discount is for.  For example, the issue that my company is running into: 

We offer Property Access Passes onto our property.  We offer Day Passes and Seasonal Passes.  We have roughly 300 annually leased sites, and we permit their guests to visit our property at a discount of 50% per day.  The way we have it set up, is our Property Access Pass is the main item with the following parameters: Property Day Pass (per adult), Property Full Access, Property Walking Pass and Property Walking Season.  The issue we have, is that the discount is only to apply to the Property Day Pass, but because of the other choices, the discount actually applies to everything.  We have been lucky for 2 years for this not to be a problem, but now it is.  I would rather keep this as one item, but without this option I am now forced to make each pass their own bookable item, which is very frustrating. 


  • Hi @MelissaPockett,

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    The current way to apply a discount to specific items requires setting the discount to 'per item' instead of 'per booking'.

    Are there other certain needs you have that result in requiring the use of 'per booking'?

    Please let me know, we're also glad to chat further directly at if you'd like.



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