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I have been trying for a little while now to apply a rule, or anything, and can't figure this out.  What would be nice under Item Events would be to include the option 'Staff Only'.  The issue I am having is: 

Camping and Accommodations available May 15 - October 12.  I need to still offer these dates, but make May 15 until June 2 bookable by staff, but not online.  I have tried to create a separate item event for this option with its own rule(s) and I am failing.  I don't want to mess around with any rules I already have set because some of them apply to multiple items.  But if there could be an option to make some dates staff only for situations like this, it would be great.  I do use the Staff Only feature under main items when needed, but it would not work in this case as that feature shuts down the entire item from being booked online.  

If there is something that I am super obviously missing, please let me know!  I have already made an inquiry for checkfront to assist. 

Thank you!


  • Hi @MelissaPockett

    Thank you for reaching out through our forums today :)

    In order to make items only bookable by staff without removing the viewability of all items, there are a few steps involved as part of a workaround using rules, item events, and languages. 

    Step one: Creating a ruleset. 

    From Inventory > Rules > New Ruleset, you will find the rule for "Minimum booking quantity". Then place a very large number as the value that a customer would not ever book. In this setting, I like to use '10,000'. Next, you will unselect the staff from this rule. So that customers will receive an error when booking and staff will not. 

    Step two: Creating an item event. 

    From Inventory > Item Events > New Item Event. You will create a new Seasonal Item Event, that will apply for the date range that you would like only bookable by staff. 

    The most important part of creating this is to ensure from the 'Rules' dropdown, you select the Rule that you have just made. As well as selecting all of the items that you wish to be staff only. 

    Step three: Adjusting the language. 

    Now that we have this error message set up for your customers only. We should probably make this a bit more clear as opposed to "Minimum quantity of 10,000 required". 

    This can be done from Manage > Languages > Checkfront Translations > _English(COPY). Next, we will search for the string " A minimum quantity of {$QTY} required". Once found, you can edit the value of this to say anything that works best for you. 

    I would recommend something along the lines of: "Please call us at 123-123-1234, to check availability.". 

    I hope this helped! 

    Please feel free to reach out to the forums or to for further assistance. 
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