Automatically two discounts choosen by the costumer

Do you know if there is a possibility to create two discounts with different rules and these discounts appears automatically?

I have two discounts: 10% Off 7 days of advance and 30% Off 30 days of advance. Right now, the 10% Off is automatically in my booking engine. If the costumer change the dates for more than 30 days, can the second discount appear automatically?

I don't want to the costumer to write and rewrite the two discounts in the discount space.


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    Hi @DelphinusIZR

    Great question! 

    This would be possible using both a Cut Off rule and an Advanced Booking Window rule on the 7 days advanced discount. Setting the Cut Off value to be '7' for 7 days, and the Advanced Booking Window to be '29' this will then allow the discount to apply the 10% discount for bookings bade from 7 to 29 days in advance. 

    We use the '29' in the Advanced Booking Window to ensure that only the 30% discount applies, and not the 10% discount. 

    Next, you would create the 30-day advance ruleset only using the Cut Off rule for 30 days. 

    Please feel free to reach out to if you have any further questions. We would be happy to dive into your specific account configuration to take a closer look. 

    All the best :smiley:
  • Thank you for the response but how can I use two rulesets with two discounts automatically? in MANAGE > INTEGRATIONS > BOOKING WIDGET: there's only place for one discount (10%) and I can't add the 30% discount also

  • Hi @DelphinusIZR

    Rather than using discount codes to automatically apply the discount via the Booking Widget, we can instead use 'Special Item Events' so that the two discounts are applied automatically to the booking.

    The 'Special Item Event' name will still appear on the invoice, so customers will know that they are getting a discount.

    We can create these item events from 'Inventory > Item Events', and we can also make sure these rulesets are applied to each item event.

    I hope this helps, but please let us know if you have any other questions!


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