Changing a booking date for muliple items in booking (due to Covid-19)

Hi guys,

We are an event business using Checkfront for all hre items and furniture.
We have had all bookings for the next 3 months, postpone due to Covid-19 and government restrictions on gatherings (we are in New Zealand). 

Some customers have given us new dates, however this is an incredibly painful and long process as we are having to change every single product line in the booking to the new dates. 

Is there an easier way to change the entire booking to the same dates? if not - could this please be something looked at?
We certainly will not be the first doing this given the circumstances - we won't be the only ones needing this option very soon.

Thanks, Fallon


  • BrittanyBrittany Checkfront
    Hi Fallon,

    Thanks for using our forums! I hope you and yours are holding up during these uncertain times.

    I can certainly see why the ability to bulk edit the dates of all items on a booking would be helpful especially in this current situation so I've passed on your insight to our Product team.

    While the circumstances with COVID-19 have made the need for this functionality more apparent, in the past this has not been highly requested so I can't provide a timeline on if or when we'll add bulk booking edits.

    I hope this helps to clarify and please don't hesitate to reach out at if you have any other questions -- we're here to help.

    Warm regards,
    Technical Support Specialist & Operations Lead
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  • As someone who has to frequently change event reservations due to weather, this change would make my life easier too. It's not in my top 10, but it would be helpful.
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