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Hi Everyone

Speaking about the user journey, I'm setting up the Checkfront and I'm facing this "problem".
So, during the booking now happens this:
When I decide what trip I want to do and I select the day (look picture 1) I click continue and I will land in the page in which I have to insert all my personal specifications (name, email, etc..) and after I agreed on the terms of service I can click on continue (look picture 2) and I land in the Invoice. Basically this is what I don’t like.
What I would like to obtain is: after the "Specifications" page when the client press "continue" will see an on-screen notice telling him that he's going to receive straight away a booking confirmation email. Then the client will receive an email like the one I created that under the status “Booked”. (I already created the status BOOKED but I don't know how to set it automatically when someone book).
So this is what I would like to do but I don’t know how to set up this, can you please help me?
Thanks in advance for your reply,



  • BrittanyBrittany Checkfront
    Hi Emanuel,

    Thank you for using our forums!

    You can only set pending, reserved, or waiting as the default customer status (without initial payment) so it may be that you'd want to relabel once of these statuses to 'booked', done in Manage > Layout > Statuses and set the notification to this status/label instead.

    However, I've just sent you an email reply to get some further insight from you on this.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

    Warm regards,
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