Updating time slots without changing existing bookings

We are reviewing the times that our tours are running. Am I able to change the time - or delete existing times - without impacting bookings that are already paid for? For example, we have a tour at 7:30 which has a lot off bookings already. We don't want to cancel those but want to change that tour to 5:00. Do I need to manually make all dates that are not booked unavailable? 


  • Hey fiionaking,

    Thanks for reaching out with this question!

    We can make any changes to the timeslots in your items and they will not affect previous bookings. Keep in mind that the only changes to items that will affect previous bookings are updating the item name as well as making changes to the item in a previous invoice. 

    I hope you found this helpful! Please feel free to reach out to support@checkfront.com if you have any other questions. We’re happy to help!

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