Prepaid package

Hi, there any way to create prepaid package? 

Like for example im doing piano class for different skill level. 
lets put it like this,

level 1, monday and tuesday morning
level 2, monday and tuesday afternoon.

I would like to sell package like 100$ for 5 lessons. they can come in any time and must finish the lesson bought in 3 weeks.
So customer can buy 5 lesson in advance, pick their date.

and/or they can let the system pick the date for them as in repeat visiting every monday and tuesday. and if the day they picked is happen to be the day we scheduled to close, the system is automatically picking the next available day.  

Is this possible with this system? 


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    Hello there,

    Thanks for your patience!

    For this type of offer, I'd suggest relying on package add-ons. First, you'll need an item that is identified as the '5 Lessons for $100' for each skill level. Then, you'll need additional items for each session choice, i.e. 'Choose first session date here', 'Choose second session date here' and so on.

    These session date items will then need to be packaged to the main item '5 Lessons for $100'. This part allows you to determine that date choice can only be made for the upcoming three weeks by using 'custom dates'.

    However, this configuration would require that the customers pick and choose their dates so the system won't automatically assign session dates.

    I'd be happy to expand on this further via email if you'd like at

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