Multi-category for each Inventory Item

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Great system guys, but I do have a rising concern with the system which should and could be easily addressed. If it could be possible to create a multi-category "filter" system it would help with our booking system tremendously. A scenario, for instance arises when we would like to search through 1Br/1Ba apartments in a particular building.

I can create ONE category and name it a particular building, but would like the ability to quickly search the available 1Bedrooms in that building (second category filter). This would be extremely vital to the way we do business. It would also be nice if when creating a new Inventory item, that it can be placed in more than one custom categories ("Building Name" + "1Br/1B"), etc. From thereon, the system can filter availabilities by certain dates.

It would be insanely great if this system could be implemented and would no guarantee that we went with this system after the demo experience is over (we are currently gathering feedback from our agents in house for their transition).



  • Hi

    Unfortunately it is not possible to create sub categories. It may be possible to search in 2 distinct category's for an apartment with the same name or a similar SKU. This may be possible using our API module.

    Please contact in order o discuss these options
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