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currently, the Check-in/check-out feature is for the entire booking.

It would be very helpful to have this feature also on the "per item" level.

It would help keeping track of wether or not ALL items of a booking have been returned or not.


  • yes, same here! would be very helpfull...
    also to have a short overview who is checked in and who is missing and other reports... 

  • indeed Patrick, that's the goal behind it!

  • Hi Dedric!

    Thanks for your suggestion. We've had a few requests to manage the inventory of Items as they are rented out and assigned to bookings. I really like the idea of checking the Item in and out of bookings. This is similar to how our Guest Form and Daily Agenda allow staff to check-in specific guests. I'll make sure that this suggestion is added to the existing feature request for Item assignment. There are some larger features in progress that this type of feature could pair well with.  

    As always, thank you for feedback and suggestions. 

    Ryan Lainchbury 
    Technical Support Specialist 
    Checkfront | | Email:
  • Hi @Ryan

    glad to hear.

    and as @Patrick suggested, it be great to have an overview of what is currently "out" (ie checked in)....

    And ideally, it would be great to be able to do the check-in and check-out just by scanning a QRCode (see my other request:

  • It's soooo great, look forward it
  • Yes I agree. I would like this too.
  • Thank you for posting something like this
  • @Ryan_Checkfront ...Please don't forget that you have many hotel/restaurant users in the community also. I get this is useful for rental and maybe other types of business.  But if you force this on all your clients, it will make our Hotel life impossible if we have to check-in/out every line item we add to a customer's invoice over a period of days or weeks as they stay in the hotel.  I am not saying don't do this.  I am saying...again...please understand all the use cases and talk to your various customer types BEFORE you do this.
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