Discount Coupon Valid Period?

Hi friends,

I set a coupon code "SUMMER2019" to discount a single trip Tour 12/8/2019 - 14/8/2019

How can I set "SUMMER2019" coupon redemption period as 1/7/2019 - 14/7/2019?



  • Again, you'd have to create a new RuleSet, and apply this RuleSet in your Discount settings.

    In this ruleset, you'd have to modify the 2 following parameters:

    Cutoff:  28 days  (that's the difference between last redemption date and first date of the offer)
    Forward booking window:  44 days (that's the diff between first redemption date and last date of offer)

    I haven't tested it, so I could be a little or totally wrong!!!
    all the best!
  • Hi Spencer, 

    You're right, Dedric! Creating a new ruleset (Inventory > Rules > Create New Ruleset) then applying this rule to the discount will make the discount only valid when the rules are met. Here is a bit more information on these two rules and what they do, Spencer. 

    Cutoff: This prevents the code from being valid X number of days before the start date of the discount. This represents the end date of the discount window and would be set to 28.
    This rule will use the allocation of the Item(s) you are applying it to. For example, if using the hourly allocation, a value of 24 would represent 1 day (24 hours). 

    Forward booking window: Sets the number of days in the future that the code will be valid. This would be 44 days. This will limit customers from booking too far ahead in the future and acts as the start date of the discount of being valid. 

    Note: 14 days as a value to this rule would mean that customers will not be able to book 15 days or more ahead of the current date.


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  • oh cool! I wasn't entirely sure, as I didn't test it...
    Cheers Ryan
  • Sorry guys but this is not correct. We have the same requirement.  Spencer is looking for absolute dates and the system cannot do that. All of the OTA (online travel agents like expedia) allow you to create a "discount" that has a valid period for when you can make the reservation and a period for when the reservation can be redeemed. So a special that says you can can get 20% off for travel/hotel/tour etc. any time from Sept 1-15 but you have to book between July 15th and 22nd.

    We asked for this almost 3 years ago when we went to set up our first discount.  We are still waiting.

    So what you have to do Spencer is set up the discount with the appropriate start and end dates for the "travel" dates.  Then you have to manually remember to activate and deactivate the discount/event on the dates you want your customers to be able to use it.  A huge pain.
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