tiered pricing based on quantity rather than duration and multiplied by participant

Hi there guys,

I would like to find a solution to rather complex pricing structure. Let me first give you a bit of context:
We are a dive center and sell daily scuba diving trips.
The base price per person for one dive is 550k and impose to our guest to go out for 2 dives per day.
Even if one can assume that the daily base price is 1,1M it is important to know that this is for 2 dives since we have to commission adequately our staff on a per dive basis.
We are also offering degressive pricing for dive packages and a dive package cannot be shared between two guests. They work on per guest basis as follow:

1 day - 2 dives = 550 000 x 2 = 1 100 000 IDR
2 days - 4 dives = (550 000 - 5%) x 4 = 2 090 000 IDR
3 days - 6 dives = (550 000 - 5%) x 6 = 3 135 000 IDR
4 days - 8 dives = (550 000 - 5%) x 8 = 4 180 000 IDR
5 days - 10 dives = (550 000 - 10%) x 10 = 4 950 000 IDR

For now I have created and item for each lines above and used product grouping to allow our customers to pick the number of dives they want to do. Each line above is a child item is set on per booking pricing scheme rather than per day.

What we would like to be able to do (but I do not know how to) is to:
1°) a base price of 550 000 K per dive
2°) a degressive pricing structure based on the number of dives booked
3°) a total price impacted by the number of participant

For example: I have 4 guests that all want to do 10 dives each. I select the number of dives then the number of guests to have my total price.

I am guessing this would mean using two parameters:
- First parameter being the "quantity" (for the number of dives) with a tiered pricing structure: the higher the quantity the cheaper the price.
- Second parameter "Participants" (for the number of guest booking the quantity set above) and the ability to apply group pricing to this parameter.

I hope I am making sense :P

We are hosted at https://reeflexdiverspenida.checkfront.com if you want to have a look at the existing settings.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.


  • PS: One of the important reasons for us to want to do this, is to have the savings line of the customer's invoice reflecting the discount they get when they book more dives, it would also allow us to have more precise reports on the number of dives we sell, and other benefits.
  • Hello Harold,

    Thank you for using our community forums!

    You can view our public documentation on tiered pricing here: https://support.checkfront.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004912594-Tiered-Pricing-Structure

    For future reference, our forums are more catered toward general discussions. This kind of account-specific assistance is best suited for email support and/or our live coverage channels. I've taken note of your desired pricing structure and will be following up with you via email.

    All the best,

    Max - Technical Support Specialist
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