Savings line and discounts visible on the invoice

Hi there guys,
Our price structure offers 3 different types of discounts:
An early bird discount
A group discount
and diverse vouchers
The things is that when I have guests that qualify for the 3 different types, only one of them shows.
For instance, I have a group of 5 guests that are booking in october.
They benefit both from the early bird and group booking but on the invoice there is only early bird that shows.
In the same way, they have a voucher for one of the items they've booked and on the invoice there is only the mention of that voucher, not of the early bird and group discount.
I would like the invoice to mention all the discounts they cumulate for each line.
Here is the link to the invoice concerned:
Thanks for your help. 


  • Hello Harold,

    Thanks for using our forums!

    Per item discounts will display their name under each item line on the invoice. The amounts they're discounting, however, are not individually displayed but are being added to the total "Savings:" listed at the bottom of the invoice.

    It's not currently possible to display a breakdown of how much each individual per item discount is taking off the invoice total.

    That being said, we do have an open feature request to possibly implement this functionality in the future. I'd be happy to add your name to that request!

    For future reference, our forums are typically a place for general discussion. For account specific support, it's best to email our support team at I've sent you a follow-up email if you would like to continue this discussion regarding your account in particular.

    All the best,

    Max - Technical Support Specialist

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