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    Hey @Drew! Our development team is finishing up of the first stages of resource management which includes assets (cars, boats, watercraft) to our inventory. This is the first stage and we’re now working on adding staff as a type of asset which can then be allocated and/or assigned to your products. We’re excited to get your feedback on our early work, so please stay tuned for more info!

    Laura - Technical Support Manager
  • What's the status of resource management?
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    Hello Parawing742, 

    At this time we are reaching out to a small group of customers, that have previously requested beta access, and presenting a  short demo to gather some early feedback. Please check for an email from our product team for further details.

  • Seriously any news? Did you really say "Our development team is finishing up of the first stages of resource management" in October 2018? That was a year ago!. Its like you are stringing us along telling us that you are working on Resource Manager. But are not actually doing anything! This thread dates back to 2015, you even announced it in 2017 and promised it in 2018 and but we have nothing at all. Please can you let us know when it will be ready with an actual date or just come clean and state you have no plans to deliver Resource Management at all. 
  • We have a multi-dimensional booking issue that I believe resource management can solve. Any update on when this will be available for use?
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    I've been waiting for resource management for nearly four years and I don't think it'll ever happen. If Checkfront doesn't work for you "as is" you're better off looking for something else. They have one of the best interfaces, but development appears to be completely non-existent. Here's the summary of updates regarding the resource management feature request:

    December 2015: "We are currently working on a staff/guide assignment feature ... it is definitely in the works."
    August 2016: "Our dev teams are working hard getting our features perfect for release."
    January 2017: "Our developers are still working on the feature, and we are very close to releasing it."
    February 2017: "We've added you to the list and we're hoping to release this very soon."
    May 2017: "Our team is currently working on this solution."
    August 2017: "The feature is still being worked on."
    March 2018: "We are currently in development of staff assignment and is part of the Resource Management update coming soon."
    April 2018: "Resource Management is still being worked on. I can confirm that this is no longer something that is being planned or scoped; our development team is actively working on implementing this feature. I still cannot give a definite date for when it will be ready, but the current intention is later this year."
    July 2018: "While I'm unable to provide you with a set date for this release, I can say that our team has made much progress towards it in the last quarter."
    October 2018: "Our development team is finishing up of the first stages of resource management which includes assets (cars, boats, watercraft) to our inventory."
    March 2019: [non-functional screenshots are previewed to select customers]
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