Incorporate room pricing into inventory calendar


My client would love to see the prices of rooms when they look at the inventory calendar, similar to how you can compare prices of different flights on different days when booking a flight by looking at a week or month view. A separate "pricing" calendar could also work.




  • Hi Torrey,

    Thank you for using our forums!

    I can see why this would be a helpful feature, especially for an accommodation business. I have submitted a request on your behalf for our product team to review.

    As you may know, whether a feature request gets implemented depends on how popular the request is as well as consideration of how this would benefit all Checkfront users.

    I have tagged this forum to the request so we will be able to keep you in the loop if this ends up being included in a future update. Feel free to check in at as well if you would like to.

    Thanks, again Torrey!

    Have a great day,

    Checkfront Support Team
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