Searching booking that include a certain SKU


I'd like to be able to search for all bookings (or just the last one) that contains a certain SKU (search criteria).
I can't seem to find an easy and quick way to do this.

So far, I found I have to search in the inventory for that SKU item, which will show the number of booking for that SKU in the "booking" column. Click on that, and it will display all bookings involved.
It's not the fastest way, and definitively not a great option when on a mobile.

My goal is to print QR codes label that I will stick on each actual item.

The work around method I have found so far involves using the item_ID. (which, for me, is not convenient at all).

It's will work for print QR codes on labels, but again, isn't realistically usable when searching on the checkfront back office.
(I know my SKUs, but there is no obvious way to find the related item_ID)

So here is my question:
would it be possible to include SKUs as a search parameter in the top-right search box ?
(which already accepts booking_id and customer_name)



  • You can reach the same page by going through the Booking Index and then selecting the category and item to see the bookings, but I don't know if that helps on mobile.

    I'd like to see better search functionality as well especially looking up customers by business name, phone number, email, etc. I sync my Checkfront customer list with a shared spreadsheet on Google Docs so that we can look up customers when they call in. There's no real good built-in ways to look up reservations.
  • Hi Checkfront Support team,
    any reply/update for this please ?

  • Hi Dedric and Parawing742,

    I agree that making these values searchable would be a great way to build upon the search functionality. Our team is looking into expanding what is able to be searched within Checkfront and reviewing customer feedback to see what other searchable information would be helpful to customers. 
    SKU searchability is an existing feature request that a Support Team member has created. I see you have already been added to this request, Dedric. I've gone ahead and added this extra information about why searching for an Item's SKU would be helpful for your staff when customers are returning Items. Our Product team always appreciates this type of context when considering new features.

    The usual way to find which recent bookings contain specific Items would be to use the Booking Index. I understand though, that if you would rather use the Item's SKU how this can't be done by solely using the Booking Index.

    As always, I really appreciate your suggestions.

    Ryan Lainchbury
    Technical Support
    Checkfront | | Email: 
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