how to set a seasonal event that changes this structure?

Hi. I have a system that will use hourly rates .... but in peak seasonal periods, we need to shift to timeslots with people only able to choose a morning / afternoon / all day choice so they don't book for one hour in the middle of the day etc.

I can see how to setup as hourly or timeslots ..... but can't see how to set a seasonal event that changes this structure? I figure I could do an alias for every item and set the other to timeslots but don't know how I can only get one to appear as available during these dates (rather than both) but that would be very complicated with many items. 

How do I do it please?




  • Hi Craig,

    Thank you for the question.

    There is no way to change the 'Allocation' of an item using an Item Event. The only way you can offer 'Hourly' bookings at one time and 'Timeslot' bookings at another would be to use 2 different items, as you suggested.

    To have only one appear as available for any specific date, you will just need to use item events. A closure event can be used to block off the 'Hourly' item when the 'Timeslot' item is needed, and vice versa.

    Here is a quick video demonstrating:

    I hope this helps. If you have any more questions about setting this up in your account, could I ask that you email us at Then I can make a proper demonstration using your account.

    All the best,
    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
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