Adding Search to main page on Square Space

Hi there,
Our website is on Square Space and we have a Search bar on the main page. We are a hire company and our customers are searching for products/keywords which obviously won't bring up any results as this isn't searching via Checkfront and therefore comes up with nothing.

Is there a code snippet, or some way we can add this in to Square Space?



  • Hi Fallonjking,

    Thank you for reaching out, that's a great question!

    At the moment there is no code to provide a search bar on the main page of your Squarespace page, nor is there a good way to link your current search bar with your Checkfront items. 

    However, we're always looking for new ways to improve our services to help your company make the most out of our software! If this is a feature you'd like to see, I will add it to our internal Feature Request list so our Product team knows it's in demand. Just a note this isn't a guarantee the feature will be added, but the more people who ask for it, the more likely it will be integrated!

    If you want more information on how we handle feature requests, you can view our page on that here.

    Thank you for your input! I hope you have a great day and Happy Bookings!

    Jay Coughlan - Technical Support Specialist
  • Thanks Jay,
    That would be great - please do! It would be super helpful.
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