Adwords conversion tracking

The ad-on of adwords conversiontracking is not working. 
i've been trying to get it to work, but so far the support e-mail can't help me. I would just like to have have a thank you page at the end of the booking progress outside of the iframe of checkfront. so i can insert a normal tracking and conversion tag. 

can somone please help to get the adwords conversion tracking working


  • If you are using a custom thank you page, you need to insert an adwords conversion tracking tag on that page.

  • Hi RaffiekT and doug_devore,

    Thanks for your contributions to our forum.

    When using a custom receipt URL - Thank you page, our Google Analytics & Google PPC Tracking integrations won't work. You'll need to build in your own tracking on your customer receipt page.
    If you wish to notify a remote server of a new booking, or update its status, consider using API notifications instead.    

    Lenka - Checkfront Support Team
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