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Hi all, 

I see some great feature request ideas on this forum and can see it applied to many business owners across many industries. 

I have read the protocol for how feature requests and understand that it has to be a request that can be applied to a majority of Checkfront users. 

However I find every time new updates are released not many of these wonderful ideas are implemented. 

Is anyone else feeling like this? 


  • It appears to me that Checkfront just ignores all the feature requests while giving the same robotic response that they will forward the suggestion to the apparently non-existent development team. I've passed on many tips, bug reports, etc over the last three years and not even one of them has ever been fixed or implemented. The forums are filled with other business owner clamoring to get some basic functionality they need and they are ignored year after year after year. The only reason I use Checkfront is because they have a superior customer-facing interface than competing solutions. If Checkfront doesn't have the features you need right now, you should look at a different platform because it's probably never going to happen.

    It's incredibly frustrating.
  • Hello parawing742,

    Thank you for the reply.

    I am very sorry it does not feel like your requests are being addressed. As Angela mentioned, all requests we receive are passed along to our development team. But this does not mean that all requests will be implemented, and we can never give a timeline on when a feature may be added. And for every new feature, we need to consider how this will affect all of our clients.

    Even something that seems like an obvious and simple improvement may have negative impacts on others. The variety of businesses that use Checkfront means there is often never one perfect solution for everyone.

    However, new features and improvements are constantly being added. You can see a small amount of the requests we receive on the forums here, but we have thousands of clients, most of which do not use the forums. But every request is seen and recorded. Unfortunately, the sheer number of requests we receive means it is impossible to address them all in a timely manner.

    I know this doesn't make it any less frustrating, but I hope it helps put a bit of perspective on this. And just let me know if you have any questions.

    All the best,
    Chase - Checkfrotn Support Team
  • Chase, most people don't use the forum because there is little resolution to most problems (the black hole we have already discussed with others and your product manager) and for us, having only a single keyword to search, makes it of no value.  I have seldom found anything because of that so we gave up using the forums for anything except simple questions or we feel that something should be publicly available.  We waste more time trying to find out if someone else has already figured it out or has the same defect. We also can't attach any screen shots to properly explain our question/issue etc.  On the few times we have managed to find someone with the same question/issue, you have already asked them to email you so we never see the resolution and have to ask the question all over again.
  • Hi TurismoCaNica, 

    Thanks for taking the time to share your frustrations, and clarify your concerns. The intention behind our public Forums is to provide a space for our customers to have discussions about how they use our platform, make suggestions for upcoming features, and get involved in the Checkfront community. As Chase noted earlier, while posting in the Forums does not guarantee a feature request will be implemented, all feedback is passed to our Product and Development teams for their review and consideration, and our Product team spends time in the Forums regularly. 

    For issues that require timely resolutions from our Support team, I encourage you to email us directly at support@checkfront.com, so that you can provide us with screenshots, and we can jump into your account and take a look at your account, specifically. For security and privacy reasons, our Forum responses are designed to be applicable to the maximum number of people, so for anything more account-specific or complex, we choose to connect with the customer directly, so that we can provide the best possible support experience. 

    I appreciate your feedback about the usefulness and search-ability of our Forums - there is certainly room for improvement, and I will absolutely take your feedback into consideration as we continue to improve and grow our Community Forums. 

    Thanks again for your feedback, TurismoCaNica. 

    Laura - Customer Support Manager, Checkfront  
  • Sorry... to clarify, when I say problems, I am not usually talking about defects (but a published defect list would be very useful to save time for all of us). Problem is I can't run a proper financial report, Problem is I can't use the Discount codes.  These are the "problems" that we have that prevent us from running our businesses or make it very difficult and time consuming and error prone.  When I have had a true defect (e.g. taxes were not calculating correctly) the support team dealt with it and fixed the defect with a good turnaround. And yes I understand the privacy issues so we do have to be careful with posting client data. But 90% of the issues I have to post are related to how the system functions and not so much the data. If someone else has already found a solution or workaround, it would be great to be able to find that. I belong to many other product forums and that is what I use them for.

    We are asking for some transparency into your road map, both functional and defects, and hopefully some input. We are doubling our business with a 2nd location next month and after 2 years, I still can't run a proper financial Income report and I still have no idea when I will be able to do that. That is a "Problem" and is causing us to actively be looking elsewhere because I am very nervous at the moment. This is not some android app developed by a 20 year old kid that does what they think is cool. This system IS our business and when it can't provide the basics, we have no business.

    Thanks for listening.
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    For me, I can live with some of the problems if I know that the software is being actively developed and those problems might have a chance at being fixed in the future. Instead, we get entirely new products (like Site Builder) being launched while paying Checkfront customers are left to deal with major shortcomings year after year.
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