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Please add an image option for add-ons at check out, it's hard to make extra sales with the add-ons option that is so plain Thank you.


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    Aside from just images being in the product list, the ability to upsell products to customers making a booking would be super useful. Right now it just shows a single line item with zero ability to add additional copy to help market the upsold products. Are there any plans to improve upsell functionality?
  • Hi parawing742,

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    Could you please clarify what you mean by "a single line item with zero ability to add additional copy to help market the upsold products"?

    You can allow customers to increase the quantity of an add-on using the 'Allow parameter adjustment' option. But some more information on exactly what you are trying to do will help me provide a solution if one is available.

     I look forward to hearing back from you.

    All the best,
    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
  • Hi Chase, on the booking form from my side, the add-on items show up as just line items on the invoice that the client can click to add. There's no photo, additional text or marketing copy that would help the customer notice the add-on items. In my business, adding a popcorn machine is the most common add-on, but I regularly have customers make a booking and then ask afterwards if popcorn machines are available which means they never even saw the add-on/upsell products.

    From a marketing standpoint, it would generate more business if customers saw these add-on products in a more visible manner such as a thumbnail image and a more obvious placement than just the booking line items.
  • Hi Parawing742,

    Thanks for your feedback. 
    I have updated our feature request for the ability to add the thumbnails to package item options. 

    Kindly note that our product and development teams are currently working on a new user interface that will assure a better user experience. Feel free to follow our recently released improvements on our updates page.

    Checkfront Support Team

  • Great to hear there are some improvments coming! Considering this is something that has been repeatedly requested by multiple customers as far back as 2015, do you think there is actually any hope of upselling improvments without waiting another 3 years?
  • RavennaRavenna Checkfront
    Hi All, 

    A quick note from our Product team. We do have a lot of changes and improvements coming up, as was mentioned/discussed on this thread. These changes are core improvements and as such have been in planning and progress for longer than our usual releases and updates. In this time, smaller updates and fixes are continuously going out in response and preparation.  

    This particular feature (adding images and descriptions to upsells), while definitely a nice to have, is not something that is on our current roadmap.  Overall updates to our customer facing booking flows are in early planning stages but not expected any time this year, and this type of new feature would be reviewed within that project. 

    Again, thanks for the input here. We continue to work to provide our customers with well thought out features and improvements that will scale with the growth of this platform and your business needs. 


  • I agree. Add-ons as currently implemented are useless. Unfortunately, as noted above, it's probably going to be many more years before we get this basic problem fixed.
  • What's the current status on improving upsell product visibility?
  • BrittanyBrittany Checkfront
    Hi @parawing742,

    Thanks for your question!

    The overall customer booking experience including upsells is something we're looking to improve in the future.

    While I can understand why upsell visibility is important, we don't yet have a timeline. Our focus, for now, is on foundational changes including resource and staff management. Thanks again for your feedback. 

    Take care,
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