Non-consecutive multi-day items

Has anyone been able to create a bookable item that spans more than one day when the days are non-consecutive for a specific number of days? I have a "course" that is held every Monday for 6 weeks on the same day and time, we are calling a session. Sometimes people join in the middle of the session. One session is 7 weeks of a 9 week period because there is a holiday and another off week, so this one is not exactly consecutive weeks. The inventory for the session is 16 registrants.

I managed to create an item, but if I make a booking on one of the days, it does not reduce the inventory on the other days. We also started these sessions before we decided to have them on Checkfront, which means we need to go back into the past to do some bookings, but the system says we can't. Is there a workaround for this?


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    This type of item could be created, but it may be a bit complicated. The easiest solution would be to only have customers book the first day of the session. However, this will not be able to accommodate customers entering a session part-way through.

    The other more complex solution would be to use different items for each date and then package them together on a single customer-facing item. Using the package "Custom" dates, you can select which date each add-on is being booked for. Then you could also allow those add-ons to be booked outside of the package, in case someone wants to attend a single class or enter partway through.

    Here is a quick video demonstrating how this could look.

    For creating bookings in the past, this can be done by going to Inventory > Rules and enabling a 'Past booking window' rule. Be sure to apply it to 'Staff' only.

    If you have any more questions about creating this item, could you please email me at Then I can use your account to make a proper demonstration.

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    Chase - Checkfront Support Team

  • I also need help with item. I watched the video tutorial and everything seems simple, only that I do not open it to new windows
  • Hi dontscary, 

    We're happy to help. Please email us at and include details about your account so that we can jump in and take a look! 

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  • Thanks Chase!
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