Parameter and Package Cross References

Happy Saturday.  Same question for 2 different things.

How do I find out which parameters are used in which items?  I need to weed out some unused ones that I don't use and are confusing things.  And I need to edit a couple parameters and I want to make sure I don't screw things up by modifying a Parameter that is used in multiple items.

2nd question is how to I find out which items are used as Package items in other Items?



  • Hello TurismoCaNica,

    Thank you for the questions.

    Unfortunately, the information about which item has which parameters attached would need to be accessed by going to each individual item's Attributes page.

    This is also true for seeing which items are packaged to other items. This would only be viewable on the parent item where you could see which items are attached on the Packages page.

    If you are comfortable using the API, then you could likely acquire this information more easily then going through each item one at a time. For example, a query to the /item endpoint will return a response where you can see information for each item. You will be able to see which parameters are attached to each item in the 'rules' array. You can test this out by going to Manage > Developer > Console and enter 'item'. However, this is still a lot of information to go through if you are going to do so manually, but at least will require much fewer clicks.

    We do have feature requests for better reporting on both of these aspects. I will attach your name to show your interest but I cannot say when these reports may be released.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions.

    All the best,
  • I need a couple of specific examples please.  I am not a developer.

  • Hello TurismoCaNica,

    You can go to Manage > Developer > Console and type in "item" and press 'Enter'. This will perform an API query that will return information on all of your items. Here is an example of what each item's entry will look like and where you can see which parameters are attached to the item.

    In this example, the item only has a single parameter attached: 'Qty'

    Here is more information about the '/item' API endpoint:

    As mentioned, if you are not comfortable using the API, then the only way to view this information would be to view each item's Attributes page.

    I hope this helps and let me know if you have any more questions.

    All the best,

    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
  • I assume you mean the word "item" including the quotes??

    Which gives me this:

        "version": "3.0",
        "account_id": 1,
        "host_id": "",
        "name": "Turismo CaNica S.A.",
        "locale": {
            "id": "en_US",
            "lang": "en",
            "currency": "USD"
        "request": {
            "status": "ERROR",
            "resource": null,
            "records": 0,
            "error": {
                "id": "resource_not_found",
                "title": "Resource not found",
                "details": "Cannot complete request.",
                "data": ""
            "limit": 0,
            "page": 1,
            "pages": 1,
            "time": 0.0012,
            "timestamp": 1513642549.7663,
            "method": "get"
  • Hello TurismoCaNica,

    Please try typing in "item", without the quotes.

    All the best,

    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
  • Is there any way to export this?
  • Hello TurismCaNica,

    The response is plain text, so you can copy and paste the full API response if you want to save it elsewhere. There is no option to export this data in any other form as it is simply the response that would be sent for this API query.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

    All the best,

    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
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