Waiting Lists

Hi all, does anyone know if an item waiting list could be configured using custom booking statuses? It would be great if that, in a scenario where there was no availability, a customer could add them self to a waiting list and as soon as an item becomes available payment is processed or the customer is alerted. Could a custom booking status and a rule be developed to handle this type of scenario? Basically, i'm trying to avoid having to call the customer to notify them that a spot (inventory item) has become available.


  • Hi Tim,

    There currently isn't a way that makes this type of procedure automated right now in Checkfront. You are able to keep taking bookings even after a date has been fully booked, This is with the help of the rule called "Overbooking Allowance" found under Inventory -> Rules. The bookings for overbooking get treated like any successful booking except when you are creating the booking, you'll see "Overbooking Available" instead of "Available". You'll still have to do the manual work of adding the person if someone were to cancel. 

    Let us know if you have any further questions.

    Aaron Amurao 

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