Deposits and final payments

currently on the trial package trying to set things up

I've setup my items to take a £50 deposit on booking which seems straight forward.

Question - how/when is the balance collected ( if I take a booking for £200 and take a booking deposit for £50, when and how is the balance of £150 collected?)

Really confused !!!!!

Thanks in anticipation


  • Hi Angela, thanks for this

    Please Could you walk me through the process if i wanted to send a manual payment reminder ? What screens do I go through?
  • Hello bekitto,

    Thank you for the reply.

    There are actually a couple of options here:

    1. Depending on which payment gateway you are using, you may be able to manually charge the customer the remaining balance. To do this, go to the booking invoice and click 'Add Payment'. If the customer has already paid a deposit, and the payment gateway you are using allows the customer payment details to be saved ("tokenized"), then their details will come up and you can charge their card for the remaining balance. 

    Most major gateways support tokenization (Stripe, Square, PayPal Pro, etc.)

    2. You can create an automatic notification to be sent a few days before/after the booking date. To do this, go to Manage > Notifications > New Notification. You will want to use the 'Deposit' status and set the 'Deliver' option to 'Scheduled', as shown here:

    In the body of the notification, be sure to add the '{%EMBED_INVOICE}' email variable. This will add the invoice to the email which will include the 'Pay Now' link. You can also use the '{$BOOKING_PAY_FULL_URL}' variable if you do not want to include the invoice.

    3. You can manually send an email by going to the booking invoice and clicking the 'Email' button. There is then an option to 'Include invoice in e-mail'.

    I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any more questions.

    All the best,

    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
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