How to modify bookings when Item Events have them disabled?

I'm running into a situation regularly that I don't know how to solve. I run a rental business where we deliver the items that are rented so once the deliver schedule is filled, I create an Item Event to disable further bookings for that day (we're delivery limited not inventory limited so there's no way to achieve this automatically).

The problem is that if a customer calls in and wants to edit their booking, I'm prevented from doing so even from the admin account. So I end up having to disable the Item Event, edit their reservation, and then re-enable the Item Event. I have to do this on a regular basis so I'm looking for another solution.

It it possible to create Item Events that do not affect the ability of the admin to edit existing bookings? Alternatively, is there a way to disable public bookings for specific days without affecting the ability of the admin to create/edit bookings?


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    The only alternative I can think of would be to manually adjust the inventory for a specific day using the Calendar > Inventory. So, instead of using an item event to block off a day, you would go to the Inventory Calendar and reduce the available stock for that date to 0.

    This will prevent further bookings but will still allow you to make changes to existing bookings. You could also go into Inventory > Rules and enable an 'Overbooking allowance' rule applied only to 'Staff'. This will allow you to still make new bookings or changes to quantities on dates that have been reduced to 0.

    If this does not help, could you please email us at so I can take a closer look at your account? This will help me better recommend alternative solutions.

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  • This workaround wouldn't work for me because I would have to change the inventory levels on a constant basis to keep up with it. Also, because I frequently have people want to edit the inventory items in their reservation, it would probably be even more work than my already complicated workaround.

    The idea would be to allow admin accounts to modify bookings, but apparently that's not possible.
  • We have the same problems with Events that have expired (it was offered last month) but the customer has not showed up yet...reservation is for next week.  Depending on the situation, we are unable to update the reservation info and I have to modify the Event to "open" it up again which means anyone else booking while I am updating a reservation will be impacted by the Event again even though it should not apply.
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