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Hi, I'm trying to create a price adjustment based on how many days a customer booked a lodge. For instance in peak season a 4 night minimum booking at $2000/night and $1000 for each additional night, so 6 nights of booking will cost ($2000 X 4 + $1000 X 2 = $10000) but I don't seem able to find a rule or option set that can achieve this. Could you enlighten me a bit? Thanks in advance.



  • Hi Nick,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    You can set up the pricing you've described using tiered pricing. What you'll need to do is create a series of rules and item events to set the pricing for the different lengths of stay.

    Firstly, you'll want to go to Inventory > Rules > + New Rule Set. For the first ruleset, "4 Days", for example, you'll want to set the "Maximum duration per item" and "Minimum duration per item" both to 4. Then save and create another rule set. This rule set, "Min 4 Days", should have a "Minimum duration per item" of 4. Finally, create another ruleset, "5+ Days" and this one will have a "Minimum duration per item" of 5. 

    Now, you will need to create item events to apply these rules. Go to Inventory > Item Events > + New Item Event. Create a Seasonal item event and attach your "Min 4 Days" rule to it. What this will do is make the item require a minimum of 4 days for the booking.

    Then, create another item event, this one Special, select to "Create New Price Point" and attach the "4 Days" rule to it. This item event will set the pricing of $2,000/night for the first 4 nights. 

    Finally, create another Special item event, again select "Create New Price Point" and attach the "5+ Days" rule to it. This item event will set the pricing of $1,000/night for nights 5+.

    The last step is to go to Inventory > Items > select the item > Pricing tab and set the pricing for each of these two item events. 

    I hope that this helps! Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions.

    Best regards,

    Checkfront Support Team
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    Hi Kaela,

    Thanks a lot for the detailed instruction. I tried to carefully follow your steps but it does not seem to solve the problem. If I setup the rules and events as you suggested, the 6 nights total price would still be $6000, which I guess is due to the system only applied the 5+ nights special event to make each night $1000 and overwrite the special event of first 4 nights at $2000/night.  My intention is to apply different price by nights so I can make it $2000/first 4 nights + $1000/2 additional nights and total $10000.

    It'll be great if you could explain a bit further how this "tiered pricing" works then I may able to figure out what went wrong. 

    Have a great day,


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  • Hi Nick,

    Thanks for your reply.

    We do offer a video tutorial on how tiered pricing works here:

    Hopefully, this will help explain further on how it all works. If you're still having problems getting it right, feel free to email so that we can look at your specific configuration.

    Checkfront support lead
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