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Have been a user for several years and we are growing pretty well. We are about to open the first branch of our rental company in a nearby city. I'd like users to be able to select which location they are going to before selecting which category they need. This means that we need either a separate location option or parent-child categories. I can't find either option (besides listing locations on the items, but that isn't searchable), so maybe someone has a work around?


  • Hello kyrgyznomad,

    Thank you for reaching our support team.

    The Checkfront platform currently does not have a multi-location function. We do have a new feature request for our developers to look into the options of location control. 

    We also do not have a parent-child categories or sub-categories option in the platform. This is also an option that is being investigated.

    At this time customers are setting this item in new categories. You can then create a seperate page on your site for the two locations and using the droplet to only show the item for that area. 

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.
  • Definitely need both of these also.
  • Any updates on this feature? I opened a second location in 2015 and I have to manage it's inventory entirely separate since the "location" feature doesn't seem to do anything for multiple location businesses.
  • Hi Parawing742,

    Thanks for asking!

    Unfortunately, there is yet no timeline for adding sub-categories or multi-locations.  An option to use the multi-locations on your website would be creating a separate page for each location you have and using the droplet code to only show the categories and items for that area. 

    Another option could be using the custom booking form fields. We have recently released new improvements and you can now use a filter option for each custom field. You may want to use the combination of the 'radio filter' with 'HTML output' (add the correct location address for each radio option). Find out more in our updated tutorial

    Feel free to get back to us via email if you'd like to discuss any specific example.

    Checkfront Support Team
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