Hire request. Please write some code using the Checkfront API

Please can you write some code using the Checkfront API. I will pay for a working solution.

I need to make specified items in the Checkfront inventory mutually exclusive. For example, there are two tours (at the moment - but there may be more in the future) that I need to prevent from being booked at the same time. 

The examples I have are a one-day and a two-day tour with four places on each. Initially both are available. However as I have only one guide who can lead them, as soon as a customer books one of the tours, the guide is committed to that tour – and so the other must immediately be unavailable. Just making them aliases so reducing the inventory for the other tour isn't sufficient. 

Note that this update so that the other tour becomes unavailable should ideally happen immediately, rather than requiring me to run a script or application on my computer.

See this video that shows the behaviour that I'm seeking to achieve:

Checkfront support has spent a lot of time trying various configurations, but has finally concluded that they do not support this functionality. However, they thing some custom code could be written to make it work. 

If you can help and would like the job, please contact me to agree a price. 

Thank you 


  • Hi SteveV,

    I might be able to help you.

    email me on stephen (at) mackerethtechnologyservices.com.au

    and we can talk.

  • How did it go, I would love to see this on a few of our clients sites as well.
  • What endpoint should be modified to reduce availability to zero for a given product a given day. Do I really need to create a dummy reservation for making a given oroduct unavailable a given day?
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