Mobile Apps : Map generated from custom field possible?

Commercial Real Estate photographer here ...
Seeing the map location of my various clients isn't useful, but! A map that is generated from a custom field, in my case "Property Location" would be incredibly useful! Any possibility of getting this either as a new feature or a modification?


  • IanIan Checkfront
    Hi Bobvo,

    Thanks for that feedback about the mobile app. This map feature is something that the development team is looking at implementing into the core Checkfront system as a new feature which could then be integrated into the mobile app. I have added your name to the list of interested customers so that the development team can track the number of requests for this feature to help them prioritize their efforts.

    Thanks for the feedback and stay tuned for further updates.
  • I have a rental business where we do deliveries that often go to a different address than the customer address. It would be extremely useful to have a delivery/event address that is different than the customer/billing address.
  • Hi Parawing742,

    Thanks for your helpful feedback.
    It helps our product and development team understand better your business needs and prioritize the feature requests we have received. I have added your comments to our feature request for adding the delivery address system fields that should be connected with the maps application instead of the billing address.

    Checkfront Support Team
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