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From feedback from some of my customers, I have found that it would be a nice feature to be able to send reminders before bookings. Similar to what DPD do in the UK (courier company who text you when they are an hour away). I also thought that this would be useful to other sectors as well like hair and beauty, reminding customers of appointments. I would kind of expect an additional subscription but would be a nice feature to have.


  • Hey Lampy,

    I believe this is already a feature in Checkfront using Twilio. If you integrate with Twilio, you'll be able to send SMS to your clients at a scheduled time of your choice. You can find more information about Twilio here: https://www.checkfront.com/support/docs/manage/twilio

    Kind regards,
  • This is great, I am having some issues though.
    I created some test bookings -
    The texts seem to come through when an item is reserved, but when the booking status is set to deposit or cancelled no texts come through. I've checked the booking status field is set to deposit. It doesn't seem to be at the twilio end as it works when the notification is set up in the reserved booking status. I don't really want to keep creating test dummy bookings as I've already used two...

    Any Ideas?
  • IanIan Checkfront
    Hi Lampy,

    I would suggest sending in a support ticket to the support team at support@checkfront.com and include your Checkfront account name. It seems like there is just a misconfiguration with the way the SMS notifications are setup as you are able to send multiple SMS messages based on the status of the invoice (Send a SMS for Reserved status, send a SMS for Deposit status, etc)
  • I too am looking at Twillio as an option for enroute notifications. Would it be possible to create a new status such as "enroute" so a delivery driver using the checkfront app could change a reserved status to enroute which would trigger a Twillio notification that you are on the way? And, if this is possible do you happen to know if Twilio is able to display an ETA based on your location?
  • Hi bouncer

    Yes, you could create a new status that can be updated by the driver, who would have to be configured as a staff member in the system. Once that status is updated on the invoice, an SMS alert could be sent to the customer. This alert can only be comprised of variables within the current Checkfront system, but these do not include the ability to attach an eta.

    See this support document from our support library for more information:

  • Paul, a quick look at the twillio website shows that they do eta alerts, most notably for uber, this looks like a new feature and I wonder if that would work through checkfront or if that is something that might be in the pipeline.
  • I wondered if you used the SMS Variables on the" new SMS notifcations" page and add a data entry field for Delivery Time on the original customer booking form, you might be able to configure it to text the customer the delivery time, which might be suitable for bouncers idea.. Just a thought, might not work.
  • RavennaRavenna Checkfront
    Thanks for the feedback guys, I've submitted a feature requset to review this for future releases. We'll have a look and let you know what we find
  • Ideally, a delivery driver would change the status of an invoice to "enroute" which would trigger a twilio text message that shows the location of the delivery driver with a message that says he's on the way and provides an eta. I have another app that I'm using for this right now but everything has to be rekeyed from checkfront. Keeping it all in the checkfront app would be ideal and eliminate errors.
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